Geographies of wellbeing at AAG Annual Meeting

Next week the Annual Meeting of the Association of American Geographers will take place in New York. This always is a highlight of the year, and the upcoming edition is particularly exciting as I am convening three sessions on a topic that I have become very fascinated by over the past three years – the geographies of wellbeing. The sessions are scheduled to take place on Sunday 26th February between 12:40 pm and 6:20 pm (local time) in the Carnegie Suite West on the third floor of the Sheraton Hotel. I am fortunate to have excellent speakers giving papers, including Sarah Atkinson, Jo Little, Sebastien Fleuret and many others.

The three sessions will each have a specific theme:

a)      Conceptualisations of Wellbeing – 12:40-2:20 pm (local time)
b)      The Benefits of Nature, Green Space and Resources – 2:40-4:20 pm (local time)
c)      The Importance of Everyday Life and Mobility – 4:40-6:20 pm (local time)


At last …

… I am also entering the blogosphere. I want to use this space to share my thinking, writing and other activities and so bridge the inevitable time interval between what occupies me and the moment that my writings are finally published (or not).

I plan to write my (short) posts at least once a week, and hope you will return regularly. Do get in touch with questions, requests for papers, or whatever you think of this blog.